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I’m am a personal stylist and corporate style consultant based in South Wales but working all over the UK. I have always had a love of clothes and make-up, style and fashion but didn’t always get it right!

In 1996, as I was graduating from University, going for job interviews and planning my wedding, my mother decided it would be sensible to get some colour and style advice. I was sceptical until I went along for my colour and style consultation. There was far too much black in my wardrobe and many of my clothes had been bought on impulse because they were the height of fashion and looked good on the hanger, but many of them did nothing for me! I wasn’t particularly fond of my curves but my style consultation taught me how to dress in a way that made me look slimmer rather than bigger. It also helped me to develop my own style. I was thrilled with my new colours which made me look much more individual, vibrant and healthy.

In 2001, I decided to train as an image consultant (personal stylist) with Colour Me Beautiful so that I could have a career helping others to look great and feel fabulous. During my years as a personal stylist, I have helped thousands of women and men to change their look, increase their body confidence, look their best and make their wardrobes work for them.

I understand that my clients have many different reasons for visiting me. Some are wanting to ditch their student look and prepare for interviews and the world of work, some have hit a milestone in age and aren’t sure what suits them anymore, some are wanting to start dating again, some need a job promotion or change of direction and some have lost confidence through a big life change. I find it extremely rewarding helping my clients to find a look that works for them, for their lifestyle, body shape, personality and budget. I understand the pressures of needing to look good with minimal time and effort. I can give you inspiration with colour, make-up and styling to subtly change or completely transform your look, your confidence and your life!

As well as personal consultations at my studio, I also work as a corporate image consultant throughout the UK. I advise companies and businesses helping them to create the image they want to project. My presentations and seminars are lively, interactive and informative and always tailor-made to suit the client.



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View my services for both men and women of all ages, styles, shapes, and sizes. From total complete make overs in my Full Image Consultation, to colour and style consultations, make up lessons, personal shopping, bridal services, and corporate and retail workshops.


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