Whilst I’m always excited to receive an invitation to a party or evening out, I’m aware that for some people the thought of having to get dressed up and mingle confidently can instil dread. A thousand negative thoughts can start rushing round in your head: “I haven’t got anything to wear, I should have lost weight, I’m rubbish at doing my make-up/hair, I always feel out of place…” So if you’re one of those people that panic when an invitation arrives, keep calm and work your way through my tips for surviving and enjoying the Christmas season.


Check your wardrobe to see if you have anything you could wear. Don’t assume that certain items are too small/big/old-fashioned; try them on with different shoe combinations and take photos. Sometimes it’s hard to look in the mirror and be objective but much easier to see from a photo what looks bad, good, better and best. If you decide you definitely need a new outfit, make sure the colour, size, fit and style are perfect for you. Don’t just buy on impulse and regret it later.


Dig out or buy some new jewellery to add sparkle and pizzazz to your outfit. Long tassel earrings are my favourite accessory this season and look great with plain, understated tops. Remember to think about other accessories like clutch bags and fur stoles, which can add to the look of an outfit. Again, take photos to check that you like how everything looks together or if anything is ruining the desired effect.


If you are a bit heavier than you’d like to be, consider:

  1. A new outfit – there’s nothing worse than squeezing yourself into something that doesn’t fit and feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable all evening.
  2. Ditching the carbs and alcohol the week before the event. (This definitely works for me and it’s surprising how much slimmer you can feel after a few bread-free days.)
  3. New underwear! A new bra and some control underwear can work wonders. Sometimes when a dress or top isn’t working, a different shaped bra is all you need to give it the va-va-voom! A plunging neckline will look a million times better with a plunge bra rather than a full-cupped everyday bra. If you need a new bra, get advice from a specialist (Bravissimo are excellent and I always recommend) and if it’s for a specific party outfit, take the dress or top with you so you can try it on together.



Treat time! If budget allows, spend a day (or half) at the spa. Get a facial, manicure, pedicure, massage or whatever will make you feel more relaxed and glamorous. Painted nails always make me feel party-ready but it may be something different for you.


If you really are dreadful at doing your own hair and make-up, consider getting them done at a local salon and make a New Year’s Resolution to perfect both next year. I can give you a lesson on either or both but it takes practice and products so getting it done by someone else may be the best option.


Don’t panic! If none of the above is helping and you want specific one-to-one advice, a personal stylist, like myself, will be willing to help either with a personal shopping trip or with a Skype consultation. It’s our job to make shopping and putting together outfits easy and we do it every day for women and men of all different shapes, sizes and ages.

Look and feel fabulous this year!

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Featured image by Oasis featuring the Embroidered Midi dress.

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