Have you noticed rainbow stripes on the high street this season? I’m loving this trend. So colourful and cheerful and a trend I think everyone could try in some way. However, stripes aren’t always flattering so here are some things to consider:


Is your skin tone warm or cool? If warm, you’ll need warm colours in your stripes such as mustard, khaki, coral, lime. If cool, you’ll need cooler tones such as cobalt, cerise, aqua, mint.


What’s your body shape? Stripes can be your best friend or your worst enemy!

If you’re smaller on the top half, keep stripes to the top to extend your top and balance your bigger bottom half. 

If you’re smaller on the bottom half, try stripes in a skirt.

If you’re quite curvy, make sure the stripes don’t highlight your widest points.

If your bodyline is quite straight, tight stripes can make your body look quite boxy so looser tops are more flattering.

If you really feel that rainbow stripes are too busy or make your body look wider, try a top or dress with just a hint of stripe in the sleeve, cuff or hem.


If it’s happening in the clothes this season, it’s happening in accessories too so if you hate stripes on your body but like the idea of rainbow stripes, why not choose a bag or shoes to introduce the trend.

Don’t forget that the clothes you wear speak volumes about you. Rainbow stripes can say that you’re vibrant, fun, dynamic, exciting. They can be worn in a relaxed, cosy jumper or in a more dressy way and will then convey different messages. If you’re trying to look quite serious, formal and traditional, just give the rainbow stripes a miss.

If you need more help to decide which trends suit your personality and body shape best, please get in touch to discuss how I can help. Visit my Style Consultation page for more information about this service. 

Care about trends but not sure what to wear?

Rainbow stripes or other trends, I can help you find the best style for your body and personality.

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