So often I hear women worrying about getting the perfect beach body and let’s face it, most of the time, it’s not going to happen! We may lose a few pounds before holidays but realistically, we’re busy, real women and not going to look like the “babes” on Love Island! (Not that I’ve actually watched this programme!)

What I want for my clients, readers, “followers” (and myself) this year is to go away and thoroughly enjoy ourselves without worrying about every little calorie!

So, here are some tips to help boost your beach body confidence: 


If you’re middle-aged or older, don’t compare yourself to the 20somethings on the beach! They’ll be your age one day! In fact, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, just notice the positives about yourself.


Make sure you’re treating yourself and making the most of what you have. Sometimes my clients tell me they’d like to look more elegant, glamorous, chic but they aren’t spending any time on themselves. Before you go away, make sure you find time to get your legs and bikini line “done”, paint your toenails and fingernails, maybe get a facial, anything that will give you a little boost.


Choose a cover-up that really works to ensure you feel great when you’re walking to the beach, eating lunch, having a drink at the bar … If you’re conscious of your tummy, make sure it’s covered with a kaftan or similar, if your legs are not your best body part, cover with a maxi dress, beach pants or sarong. Beach wear is very varied versatile and varied these days so remember the style rules that work for everyday will work on the beach too.

Accessorize Birds Of Paradise Printed Sarong 
Debenhams  J by Jasper Conran – Blue embroidered cotton V-neck mini kaftan
Accessorize – Chevron Stripe Chiffon Kaftan 



Choose great accessories! Hats, sandals, sunglasses and beach bags you love can all help you feel great about your holiday look. Choose a look whether it be pretty, glamorous, sporty, casual and carry the theme through.

Accessorize Bondi Geo Tote Bag
Accessorize Floppy Hat Navy
Accessorize Orlando Pom Pom Slider Sandals 


Holidays are the one time when I ditch the daytime make-up. It’s nice to sit on the beach with a bare face and sunglasses and not have to worry about it. However, I know some people, even on holidays, cannot bear to be without any make-up at all. So, if you need a splash of make-up to complete your look, just stick to a light tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara and a tinted lipgloss.

So, whatever your size or shape, have a great holiday (if you’re going away). I will be sharing a villa with my sons and their young, slim, beautiful girlfriends but I won’t be beating myself up! I shall focus on the sunshine, the relaxation and my beautifully painted big toenail!

If you’re panicking and would like help with your holiday wardrobe shopping or packing, give me a call and book a few hours with me now!

Help with your holiday wardrobe

If you’re panicking and would like help with your holiday wardrobe shopping or packing, give me a call and book a few hours with me now!
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