If you had a colour consultation or analysis some years ago and since then your hair colour or skin tone has changed, it’s a good idea to come along for a colour review. You may have an inkling that your colours aren’t working so well anymore and we can take this opportunity to check them out and make adjustments as necessary.

Whether I did your colours or not the first time, I can take a look at your previous swatches and analyse your colouring now to see if you need an update.

Originally, when colour analysis started, it was thought that you’d stay the same forever, but now we know that hair colouring can easily change (through choice or naturally) and this can change your overall look. Skin tone or even eye colouring can also change over the years so a colour review can be useful to ensure you’re making the most of your colouring now.

In the colour review, I’ll spend 60-90 minutes checking your colouring, reminding you how to mix and match your colours and giving you an update on colour trends. If you don’t need a new swatch, you’ll have had a good session and a reminder on how to use your colours. If you do need a new set of swatches, you can buy these at the session and look forward to gaining all the wow factor and compliments you felt when you first had your colours done.

There are some wonderful colours arriving in the shops right now, so before you buy anything new, book a session to check out your best options.

Need a colour review?

Find out more about my colour review service and get your colours back on track!

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