Sustainable Fashion is a hot topic with Sustainable September in full swing.  Personal stylists and consumers everywhere are vowing not to buy any clothing for a whole month.  I do wonder if it will be like the people who do dry January and then binge drink later in the year.

Will those who don’t buy in September go on a wild spree in October? And will it really make a real difference?  Or is sustainable fashion something we should always consider?

Here are some simple things that have made a difference to me and my clients.


Buy what you need when you need it

I haven’t promised not to buy in September because I only buy moderately all year round. I’ve hardly spent anything on clothes over the past few months.  But some of my old, favourite dresses have fallen apart recently, having been worn for many years so a new one was definitely required.

My knee length boots from last year were also “dead” but I managed to get a new pair in the sale at the beginning of the season.  I wasn’t going to miss the chance.

Whatever your budget, it’s always a good idea to work out what you really need. Then buy the best quality you can afford and a style you really love so that it lasts and serves you well.

Sustainable fashion needn't mean never buying anything, but considering what you buy

Taking advantage of sales


Learn how to mix and match easily

Before I trained as a stylist, I would just buy a huge amount of random clothes I was attracted to.  I’d go home and find that I had nothing in the wardrobe that went with them so I’d go out and buy more items.

When I went for a colour and style consultation it helped me enormously.  I learned how to mix and match a small number of items to make many outfits. Now I love teaching my clients to do the same.

Only buy something if it works with what you already have, or will work well with everything else you are buying that season.


Make sustainability work for your style personality

Classics and City Chics love investment pieces and will spend well and wear quality items year in, year out.

Creatives will customize their clothes when bored. They don’t tend to follow fashion so will also buy from charity shops which is also great for sustainability.

The Naturals don’t particularly enjoy shopping but will often buy mountains of cheap t-shirts and jumpers!   Buy fewer quality clothes that will last for many years.

Dramatics tend to get bored very easily and want the next best thing, the height of fashion, the latest trend that will get them the right attention!  By revisiting their wardrobe they may find something not worn for a while.  Something that’s been hiding can feel like a new item.

Romantics care a great deal about how they look and often feel nicer in something new.   Wearing items together in different way or buying a new accessory is better than buying a new outfit.


Become an expert in shopping

  • Shop on your own and make sure an item you’re about to purchase is your choice not your friends.
  • If you have a special event, leave plenty of time beforehand to find the perfect outfit. Think about where else you could wear it or how you might split it up to wear it in different ways.
  • If you don’t absolutely adore an item, leave it in the store.
  • Learn about what suits your body shape and colouring.  Only buy items that suit you. If you can’t afford to see a personal stylist, use articles online, style books and Instagram.
  • Check your wardrobe before you shop, make a list of what you need and stick to it.
  • Be realistic about your size! The only thing I haven’t worn is a dress I bought to slim into! Shame on me!

I promise I’m not jumping on the sustainable fashion bandwagon.  I know there are cooks and health experts jumping veganism to make more money.  They have no intention of becoming vegan themselves! I’m no angel – I have bought fast fashion in the past.  But my training and expertise has helped so many people – including myself – cut down on waste and excess buying.  And I can help you too.

Want To Do Your Bit?

Feel free to share any tips below.  It’s a huge issue but I know these 4 steps will be useful.  If you would like my help to build a more sustainable wardrobe, please get touch.

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