If there’s one item of autumn/winter clothing that’s always been a favourite of mine, it’s a knitted dress. For a curvy girl who loves a dress but also loves comfort, I really can think of no lovelier garment! The sweater dress brings back such fond memories for me – my mum with her knitting machine in the ‘80s, me announcing my first pregnancy in my chocolate brown roll neck dress, many a compliment, many a Christmas. Some winters the choice is very basic with only one or two styles to be found, but this year the knitted dress is a main attraction and I’m in knitwear heaven. So, let’s take a look at some of my favorites and who can wear them.

Crew Neck and Pleated

Best for inverted triangle/athletic body shape, lean column.  

Whilst I love the look of these dresses, they are no good for a pear shape like me! The high neckline and pleated skirt will be much more flattering on a straighter body line and will help to emphasise neat busts and hips.

Pure Collection

Short sleeve, V neck

Best for full hourglass.

This dress is really great for women who want to look chic, elegant and subtly sexy. It’s a good shape for those with a defined waist and curvy hips as it follows the bodyline and doesn’t add bulk. A V neck will be flattering on all body shapes and mid-life ladies may find this dress a real “go to” if getting hot in knits is a problem.


Roll Neck Flippy

Best for neat hourglasses.

This is a super popular shape this season and just so cute! However, make sure you can cope with the roll neck before you invest. They look best on long, elegant necks. I can’t imagine that many will wear this dress with sandals in the cold weather so don’t worry about what the model is wearing! Team with opaque tights and a statement shoe or boots. This dress will look great on most bodyshapes, especially the lean column and neat hourglass.


Dolman Sleeve, cowl neck

Best on apples/oval shapes.

This dress will work really well on the apples as it hangs from the shoulders and skims the length of the body avoiding any attention at the waist. The vertical seam down the centre will also be slimming and draw the eye inwards.

Pure Collection

Geometric patterns

Best for rectangles.

This dress and others with geometric patterns hang beautifully on straight body shapes. This one is great for those who want simple, elegant style without being boring.


Patterned top

Best for pears.

Dresses that build or draw attention to the top half and keep the bottom half simple are brilliant for pear-shaped women.


So, you can see, the designers really have given us an enormous choice of knitted dresses this season. This is just a small selection of styles but you will find loads more on the high street and on Pinterest and if you adore a knitted dress, this really is the season to treat yourself to one that’s perfect for you.  So now you know the best knitted dress for your body shape.

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