Is it always a struggle for you to know what to wear to Christmas events? It can be so tricky! You wonder what other people will be wearing, what is expected, how smart or casual you need to be and maybe even the weather will affect your choices. 

Here are some tips to help you keep calm and dress well over the Christmas period.

Ask your host?There’s nothing worse than turning up to a party or gathering completely underdressed, is there? Not sure how formal an event is going to be? Don’t be afraid to ask your host if there’s a dress code or how they’re expecting people to turn up. It allows them to say what they would appreciate. If they really don’t mind, choose something middle of the road if you want to blend in. If you love to stand out, Christmas is a time of the year when it’s totally acceptable to wear more sparkle and glitter than usual so don’t be afraid to overdress. 

Be true to your own style

Even if you’ve asked your host and your friends and family what they will be wearing, don’t feel like you must follow the crowd. If all your friends are wearing dresses and heels to a certain party but you’re not a “dress kind of girl”, don’t worry.  Opt for a smart pair of evening trousers, a top you feel good in and a pair of flat shoes. Flat shoes don’t have to be boring, and you’ll still be smiling at the end of the evening! A jumpsuit can be another good option if you really don’t like dresses. And don’t believe that you must wear black if everyone else is either. Black is so popular at the time of year but there are so many other lovely colour choices. Why not go for red, pine green, midnight blue, gold or silver? Choosing a great shade for your own colouring can give you a boost and help lift your spirits even when it’s an event you may not be looking forward to. 

Consider the temperature

We tend to think of Christmas time as being as it is on a Christmas card.  Snowy with sub- zero temperatures. However, often, here in the UK, the temperature will be varying between around 4 and 13 degrees. Add into the mix that food and alcohol both make us feel warmer. Some people’s homes are very toasty, and we need to think carefully about how to keep cool especially if we’re women of a certain age! So, outfits which allow for layering can be good and as the day or evening gets warmer, we can take a layer off. Avoid thick knits and polo neck jumpers. Think more of thinner layers and lower necklines. 

Shop wisely

Christmas can be a costly time of year. Don’t be tempted to blow a large chunk of your clothing budget on an outfit for a Christmas party that you’ll only wear once. Do you have something that you’ve worn in the past that you can alter or accessorise in a different way? If not and you really need to buy, consider pre-loved clothing. It’s amazing what you can find in charity shops sometimes, benefitting the charity, the environment and your own pocket. 

I hope these tips help you decide what to wear to your Christmas events, big or small, and to feel stylish, appropriate and confident whilst you’re there. 

If you need help to discover your own style, how to dress your body shape well and how to wear colours that bring out the best in you, please get in touch to arrange a consultation. Gift vouchers are also available. 

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