I always talk to my clients about bras in their style consultations but we seldom talk about pants.  Let’s face it, the wrong size or style of knickers can ruin your silhouette no matter what lovely outfit you’re wearing!

So here are a few tips on which are the best for you and how to choose.  All the pants below can be found at Marks and Spencer.

In no particular order: – 

High Leg

If you have a long body and short legs, these are perfect to extend the leg length. They also break up a long rise. (Rise is the part of you from your waist to the end of your bottom.)

Bikini Briefs

These are good for those of you with a short rise and long legs. They’re also good if you have quite a flat tummy. 

Shorts Styles

Shorts are great on rectangles and inverted triangles and slim strawberries. These three shapes have neat straight hips and shorts are really flattering. 

Full Briefs

These are great for apple and strawberry body shapes. They’re super comfortable and won’t roll down over fuller tums. You can even get tummy control ones which can be good for special occasions. 


These are fabulous for anyone with a great bottom and usually work best with neat hips. 


I really am getting old and boring now! They’re not for me! If you do love a thong, make sure you go up a size or two for comfort and if you have a fuller figure, to stop them digging in and causing lumps and bumps in your outfit. 


Don’t forget knickers are like bras – white sometimes shows through white outfits. Nude is better. Black, red and bold colours can be more dramatic and make you feel sexy but they’re not very practical if you wear lots of light clothing in the summer. Pastels are great if you have a romantic style personality.


Hope these tips help you to choose if you’re in need of new knickers. Don’t be like a lot of men I know and wait until Christmas! 

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