This week I’d been thinking about writing a blog about who looks good in hot pink as I’ve been seeing it everywhere for Autumn ‘22 and wanted to offer some advice. I was just about to start drafting when Boris Johnson came out of No.10 to do his leaving speech and what was his wife Carrie wearing? – a hot pink maxi dress!

What messages do hot pink send out? 

Pink in general gives the feeling of femininity, romance and empathy. The white that’s added to red gives it a tenderness and makes it less of a colour of aggression and danger and more a colour of hope and joy. 

Hot pink, however, uses all its intensity and gives off a rebellious statement. It says, “Here I am, I’m ready for what you have to throw at me and I make no apology.” It’s bold and fearless. 

Who looks great in hot pink?

Hot pink looks automatically fabulous on cool colourings (those with steel or silvery hair tones). It also looks amazing on brunettes and blondes with cool skin tones and bright eyes. Those with softer, cool colourings can still wear hot pink, especially if they have a dramatic style personality, but may prefer to combine it with shades of grey, especially if they have a more subtle style personality.

What if I have warm colouring but love hot pink?

For anyone with warm hair and/or skin tone, hot pink will be a clash and you need to be careful as it can make you look a bit cheap. However, orange will be your wow colour and although clashing orange and hot pink was a pet hate of mine when I was younger, I now say, go for it! I recently did make-up at a wedding where clashing pink and orange was part of the exotic colour theme and how wonderful does it look together? 

Hopefully you now know who looks good in hot pink but if you’re still confused about your own colouring or would like to find out which other colours you can wear well, why not get in touch for a colour consultation?

Thinking about a colour consultation?

Colour consultations can take place in person if you’re local to South Wales or online if you’re not. Please get in touch for more information. 

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