This season, you may be wondering how and why would I wear a knitted vest? As a personal stylist who very much believes in finding your own style rather than following fashion, I don’t really believe in “must haves” for the season. 

However, I’m willing to break my own rules for the sweater vest (or tank top as I knew them in my youth). They’ve been around again for quite some years but are really riding high this year. 

What are the benefits?  

‘Threadbare’ from Next

Knitted sweaters over a shirt, t-shirt or vest can firstly add interest to an outfit. Instead of just one plain top that can feel boring, they add an extra dimension.

The one fine layer can also feel a little tight and clingy and if you have any lumps and bumps that you’d like to disguise, a knitted vest can be perfect for this.

During the autumn and sometimes winter, the temperature can change quite rapidly so one minute we feel a bit chilly and the next, the sun comes out and warms us up.

I always find a sweater vest is one of those handy transitional garments. Yes, you can put it on and take it off again but it’s a good item for making you feel warm enough but not too warm.

It almost reminds me of having your duvet on in bed but getting too warm and sticking your arm out.

What can I wear a knitted vest with?

Sometimes we buy an item and then wonder what on earth we can wear it with. Sweater vests are so versatile. You can wear them on their own, over shirts, blouses, t-shirts (long or short sleeved) and even over dresses.

So many options…



Coloured tank tops can be worn over coloured shirts or over white or other neutrals. 



Neutral tank tops can also be worn over white or neutrals (especially if you have a natural or chic style personality). But neutral knitted vests can also be worn with a pop of colour underneath.


Marks & Spencer

There are a lot of plain tank tops this year but if you love a pattern, you’ll find these too. Unless you’re very creative and want to wear these over another pattern, they’re most easily worn over plain t-shirts or blouses.

I hope that gives you some ideas for how you might wear a knitted vest this season. Here’s a little video with some more you might like.

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