When it comes to choosing a party dress, there are many things to consider such as colour, fabric, budget and style personality but choosing a dress that really works for your body shape will help you to feel confident, sassy and proud of your body so that you can enjoy your events without worry. 

Here are some of the styles that will work best for your body shape and are available this season:

Neat Hourglass

A neat hourglass takes the same size top and bottom half and has neat curves. Most styles will work as long as they’re not baggy and swampy. The neat hourglass definitely needs to highlight her slim waist. 

Full Hourglass

A full hourglass also takes the same size top and bottom but has fuller, voluptuous curves. She needs to choose styles that follow the curves, don’t add bulk and fabrics that have softness and/or stretch. Lower necklines are best.


Pear shapes take a size or two smaller on the top half than the bottom half. They have a defined waist and curvy hips. They need to choose styles that extend the shoulders or draw attention to the top half and follow the curve of the bottom half disguising any lumps and bumps but not adding width. Again, some stretch is good to make sure of a good fit on top and bottom halves.


Strawberry shapes are top heavy. They have broad shoulders and full busts, but straight, neat hips without a defined waist. Flattering dresses will be those with low necklines, that fit underneath the bust and then flare out balancing the top and bottom halves. Wrap style dresses are brilliant for this shape. 


The athletic body shape is often known as inverted triangle. Like the strawberry shape, they have wide shoulders and are broader on the top half. However, they are very lean with neat busts. They look fantastic in halternecks or asymmetric necklines and structured styles. 


Apple shapes are blessed with slim legs. They usually have an average size bust but find their challenge area is their tummy. They need to choose styles that hang from the shoulders, skim their tummy and show off their legs. Swing dresses are great. 


Rectangle shapes take the same size top and bottom half. They have a straight neat shape without a defined waist. Structured shift dresses are great for these women. They may also choose dresses that flare out from the waist, giving the illusion of curvier hips. 

These styles can be found across the high street but I hope the examples give you a clearer idea of how to choose the perfect party dress for your body shape. 

Need more help?

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