Top to toe denim is a big look for Spring/Summer ’23 but you might be wondering how to wear it well. There are some who say if you were there the first time, don’t do it second time round but let’s face it, fashion is cyclical and top to toe denim is often popular so it’s best to find a way to do it that’s right for you and right for now. 

Think About The Shade

In general, the deeper your colouring, the deeper your denim needs to be for it to look harmonious and classy. Brunettes look fantastic in darker denims and blondes will wear the lighter shades with more ease. Red heads will be washed out by very light denim and suit a medium depth well. Silver-haired women have cool tones in their colouring so can usually wear most traditional denim shades. If you fall in love with a piece that isn’t the best shade for you, just add a pop of colour somewhere in your accessories to balance the look.

Consider Your Style Personality

As with any clothing, don’t choose your denim pieces just because they are trendy. Think about the look you want to achieve and the styles you enjoy wearing. 

  1. Natural/minimalist – denim will be a firm favourite in your wardrobe. You’ll enjoy wearing it top to toe in a really casual jeans and shirt way. A denim skirt can be a nice addition in the summer but keep it simple.
  2. Classic – if you have a classic style personality, denim won’t be your favourite. Keep your denim dark and smart. Slim or bootcut jeans with heels and a denim blazer can help keep the look elegant.
  3. Romantic – denim dresses are a good option for you. Choose lightweight, soft denim with pretty detailing such as frills, tiers or embroidery.
  4. Dramatic – if you have a dramatic style personality, you may be on the look out for a style you haven’t worn before and something that grabs attention. A denim basque or strappy top or maybe a denim skirt with an assymetrical hem line that ticks a few of the trend boxes.
  5. Chic – the chic women will love a simple, effortless denim jumpsuit or a subtle denim dress.
  6. Creative – the creatives out there will mix and match new and old, patchwork denim, customised or embroidered. 

Remember Your Body Shape

When choosing your denim, do remember your body shape. Curvier bodies will need more softness and stretch while straighter bodies can cope with a stiffer denim in straight styles. Some bodies aren’t even straight or curvy all over so think about where you need the stretch and where you can add more rigid denim. Move around, stand up, sit down, raise arms when trying on and make sure the denim is not restricting you too much.

Petite or Tall

If you’re petite, tone the colour from head to toe to give yourself the illusion of more height. If you’re tall, you may want to split up the colour to add more interest. 

I hope that gives you some ideas on how to wear top to toe denim. If you need more help in putting your look together for Spring/Summer ’23, get in touch or visit my website to find out how I can help you. 

Need more help?

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