You’ll probably have noticed by now that green is one of the biggest colour trends for Spring/Summer ’23 but if you’ve never really worn much green, you might be wondering how to wear it successfully without feeling like Kermit the Frog! Here are some tips to help you introduce the right shades of green into your wardrobe and combine with other pieces you may have already.

Wearing Green For Your Colouring

Deeps & Brights

The most popular tone of green to be found on the high street right now is a bright, intense green which is very easy to wear if you have Bright or Deep colouring. The Brights have deep brunette hair, lighter skin and striking bright eyes and the Deeps also have dark hair but also dark brown eyes and often rich skin tones. Bright green works so well with these colouring types never overpowering them but looking balanced and harmonious with their own colouring.

Lights & Smokeys

If you’re more of a natural blonde or have mid-toned hair, the bright, vivid green that is so popular, can be quite over-powering so you might consider a slightly less intense emerald -turquoise which still has the brightness of the season but isn’t quite as deep. If you’re very fair, there are also pastels which will balance your look beautifully.


For the red heads out there, green is a wonderful choice. The bright green will work for most of you but if you like a more subtle appearance, opt for warm tones like khaki, kelly green or soft lime.


If you have silver or ash tones in the hair and cool skin tone and eyes, make sure you avoid warmer yellowy greens and head straight for the bluey greens that will keep you looking vibrant and healthy. 

What Should I Combine Green With?

The most common option this season is green and white. This combination can be found easily in patterns and is very on-trend even in plains so if you like to look current, this could be a good option. Add stone, tan or gold accessories if you’d like to warm the look up or silver accessories for a cooler look. Of course, green is also good with navy or denim and these are also safe options if you’re wary of too much green and just want a pop. 


If you don’t want to blend into the on-trend gang but want to make more of a statement with your green, why not be a bit more daring and mix green with hot pink, orange, purple, black or yellow?


Green really is nature’s neutral and you’ll find it in your garden with every colour so there are many different combinations that will work and you can take inspiration from the outdoors. 


Green is a colour that projects health, well-being, vitality and adventure so I hope you now feel a little happier about how you can wear green and enjoy it this season. 

For more info and ideas on green, visit my ShopShare video.


Have you already introduced green into your wardrobe? I’d love to hear how you’re wearing it. 

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