Do you know the single most important thing when it comes to shopping?  Never assume you know what size you are!  Here’s why.

Sizes vary from store to store

If you’re shopping in person, it’s best to take the size you think you are into the fitting room.  If in doubt, go up or down a size too and see which looks best. If you’re shopping online, take your measurements and look at their size guide before ordering. 

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Fabrics and styles vary

Even within one shop or brand, you may be a few different sizes. Some trends see designers creating oversized garments.  If you don’t like that look (especially if you’re petite), go down a size or two.

Weight Fluctuates

I saw a client recently who had been eating healthily and encouraging her husband to lose weight.  As a result,  I suspect she had lost weight in the process. Sometimes I know I’ve been at the other end – weight has crept on!  I haven’t realised until I go shopping and realise I need to go up a size for a dress or pair of trousers to fit properly. 

Vanity Sizing Is A Big Thing!

A size 10 nine years ago, is not the same as a size 10 today. People don’t like to think that they’re bigger, even though as a nation we are getting bigger so some retailers flatter us into buying the size we’re used to. And that’s lovely for those of us that have increased in size.  But It’s not helpful to those who have stayed the same or lost weight. And eventually, if we have gone up a few sizes, we might have to admit it rather than rely on vanity sizing to save us! (This has often been the case for me!) 

So, if this sunny weather has you heading to the shops this weekend to buy a few pieces for your summer wardrobe, just remember not to buy the size you always buy. Try on a few sizes, and think about how your body might have changed and how you want an item to look before you go ahead and buy. 

Need more help?

If it’s all too frustrating for you, don’t forget I can come along and help. Personal shopping is £75 per hour and can save you a lot of time, money and heartache! 

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