With Barbie-mania in full swing and many seeming to be giving it a whirl, you might be wondering if pink is for you and if it can actually look good on everyone. 

Maybe you’ve been told before that pink is not your colour or it’s a belief you’ve held as you’re not that girly. It’s true that romantic style personalities (the girly girls) are usually the first to head for pink and the naturals (the casual, comfort first girls) tend to avoid it. Dramatics often love shocking pink. Creatives will often mix it with unusual colour combinations. Chics will wear sparingly when it’s on trend and classics will often wear it in a tone-on-tone elegant way. 

When it comes to your colouring, everyone can wear pink but getting the tone, depth and brightness right for you can make a huge difference to how you look and feel. 

If you haven’t had a colour consultation yet, here are a few tips to help you choose the best pink for you. 

The lights are the natural blondes. They look stunning in pastels but can also wear medium-depth pinks. Deep fuchsias will be overpowering and wash them out so avoid these if you are a light. If you’re a light with a warm undertone, go for pastel peaches rather than cool pink tones. 

The deeps are the brunettes with deep brown eyes. Pastels and light, muted shades will make these ladies look drained. They need strong, intense pinks such as fuchsia. If they have a warm undertone, strong corals will work better.

The warms are the redheads. Cool pinks are not harmonious with their own colouring and they look much healthier in warmer salmons and corals. If you’re a warm who really wants to wear cool pink while Barbie mania is in full swing, go ahead, have fun but don’t spend too much on a cool pink outfit!

Barbie was born in 1959, not as a baby but as a 19 year old. So she’s now about 84 with no grey hair! But grey or white hair can be equally glamorous as you can see from the model above especially when you team it with great colours. The cools can really wander round in the pinks, right from baby pink down to deep cerise. They only have to avoid warm pinks which are yellow-based/peachy. 

The brights have dark brunette hair and bright eyes. They need to keep their pinks bright (or icy worn with contrast). Sludgy, dusky pinks will really dull them down. Again, it’s a good idea for them to have a consultation to find out if their undertone is warm or cool so they can wear the best shade of bright pink.

The smokeys have medium depth hair (often highlighted). Muted pinks in medium-depth shades work best for them. However, they can wear brighter pinks as well if they’re not too deep. The model above is Smokey + Warm. A Smokey + Cool would need a cooler shade of pink. 

Hopefully, you can see that pink does look good on everyone but getting the tone, depth and brightness right, will help you look healthy, youthful and vibrant. 

Need more help?

If you need more help discovering the colours that work best for you, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help with a face-to-face or online consultation.

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