What to wear when your children go to university might never have crossed your mind. The last few weeks might have been focused on exam results and shopping for the vast number of items that they’ll need to start their new chapter. 

But when your child goes off to Uni, it is an important day, a milestone.  It’s a memorable day and you might want to consider what you wear for practical reasons and because it’s one of those days when there will almost certainly be photos taken. I started university way back in 1991 and can still remember my parents dropping me off now, my mother wearing her cerise, white and purple shell suit! Very of the time!

So, don’t leave it until the day to decide what to wear. Put a little time in now to plan your outfit and be prepared. Here are some of the things you might want to consider:

Comfort and Practicality

If it’s a long journey, you don’t want anything too tight or uncomfortable. Combat trousers with some elastic in the waist are ideal as they’re comfortable, on-trend and have plenty of handy pockets.

A stretchy dress with pockets could be another option. Often, it’s not possible to park right next to your son or daughter’s halls and there might be a lot of walking back and forth from the car, carrying heavy bags and boxes so make sure footwear is comfortable and practical too. 

The Weather

In the UK we’ve had yet another summer of sunshine and showers. The weather is unpredictable so plan an outfit that has layers and have a very waterproof coat at the ready. 

Blue coat from John Lewis, Yellow from Joules

Feel Good Vibe

Often when your teen goes off to university, you can suddenly feel a bit old and, if you’ve neglected yourself and been putting everyone else first, often a bit frumpy.

Consider choosing a colourful outfit that will keep you feeling upbeat on the day and something that helps you feel young, current and confident.

However, it’s a good idea to play it down slightly if you have very flamboyant tastes and your son or daughter is a little quieter. Remember this is their day and a day of first impressions where everyone is having a sneaky peep at each other to suss out who they might get along with. 

What Else Are You Doing on the Day/Weekend? 

Have a think about whether you’ll be stopping for food anywhere nicer than a service station either before or after the big drop-off. If so, you might want a blouse or smarter top rather than just a T-shirt and maybe some nice accessories to help you feel more put together.  If you’re going quite far and need to stay overnight, have a few options ready. 

Top from Hush, bag from Next

Crossbody Bag

A cross-body bag is really handy for moving in day. There will be so much to carry, you’ll want to keep both hands free. 

When your kids go off to university, you’ll always need plenty of tissues for the way home. You might be feeling a little lost without them but remember this can be a new and exciting chapter for you too. There’ll be time for new hobbies and more time to focus on yourself. 


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