Satin bias cut skirts are one of this season’s biggest trends and you’ll find them in most high street stores.  However, you might be wondering if they’re right for your body shape and what to wear them with. Here I answer some of the questions and comments I often get from my personal styling clients – how to wear and style a bias-cut skirt.

Who looks good in a bias-cut skirt?

When fabric has been cut on the bias (at a 45-degree angle to the fabric grain), it has a lot more stretch than when it’s been cut on the grain. Therefore bias-cut skirts are great on women with defined waists and curvy hips and/or bottoms. However, if you have a very straight body shape and little definition between your waist and hips, you will be better off in a straight-cut or pleated skirt this season. 

I have curves but the bias cut skirts don’t seem to work on me

If you’ve tried bias-cut skirts in the past but have found they show up your lumps and bumps, try one or more of these tips:

  • Go up a size from your usual size – the skirt will be more forgiving.
  • Try a thicker-weight satin or a different fabric altogether. Velvet or velour will have more weight and less shine. 
  • Try a bias-cut skirt with a pattern. Patterns are great for disguising lumps and bumps. 
  • If you’ve only tried a light or medium colour, go for a darker shade like black or navy. 

Whistles have a good range of bias-cut skirts in patterned fabric.

When I wear a skirt, I never know what to wear on the top

Bias-cut skits are brilliantly versatile and can be worn most of the year round. In the summer you might have worn one with a t-shirt.  Going into the autumn and throughout the winter, they can be worn in a smart/casual way with jumpers.  They can be dressed up and worn with blouses or evening tops.

Try a darker shade like this navy one from Boden.
Velevet skirts like this one from Nobody’s Child. might be the best option.

What footwear should I wear with a bias cut skirt? 

There really is no definitive answer to this. Bias-cut skirts are being worn and modelled with sandals (flat and heeled), trainers, boots (knee-high and ankle) and court shoes. I would say that if you wear one with a boot, you’ll want to make sure they aren’t interfering with the hemline of the skirt. Also, if you can see leg between the boot and hemline, you might want to tone your tights and boots unless you’re very tall and can afford to break up the length of the leg. 

I hope these tips and examples help you to see how to wear and style a satin bias-cut skirt. 


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