As a personal stylist, I don’t really love the term “must have”.  But today I’d love to share with you why the waistcoat is a great item to add to your wardrobe this season and how to choose well for your body shape and proportions. Everyone can look great in waistcoats!

Advantages of wearing a waistcoat

The waistcoat is very on-trend so it’s an easy piece to update your wardrobe if you’re beginning to get that frumpy feeling. We’ve had the seasons where tank tops were our favourite.   Sleeveless layering pieces.  Now it’s the waistcoat’s turn to step in. 

Waistcoats can add interest to an outfit without adding bulk or making us too hot. Waistcoats can cinch us in at the waist, split up wide torsos giving a slimming effect and help us feel more put together and stylish. 


Straight body shapes

(e.g. Rectangles, inverted triangles)

Waistcoats are great for straighter body shapes.  They can add structure and shape. Waistcoats with breast pockets will enhance a smaller bust and waistcoats with hip detail can give the illusion of more of a curve on straighter hips. Assymetrical waistcoats can also add more interest to a straighter body. 

Curvy body shapes

(e.g. hourglasses, strawberries)

Curvy body shapes also look great in waistcoats but need to choose carefully. Fuller busts look great in low Vs and will need some stretch in the fabric or a knitted version. 

Round body shapes 

(e.g. apple)

Round body shapes need to make sure that the fabric of their waistcoat is soft and drapey.  The waistcoat they choose should skim the tummy area and end lower than their widest point. Relaxed styles that can be left open are great or even a sleeveless shirt over a t-shirt that gives the waistcoat vibe. 

Pear shapes 

Waistcoats are fabulous on pears as they bring the attention up to the top half. They need to choose a waistcoat that is light or colourful,  has horizontal stripes or sequins.  This makes the top half appear larger and balances the bottom half. Breast pockets are great for neater-busted pears too. 

Long legs, short body

Tall women with long legs will cope well with longline waistcoats that elongate the body. 

Short legs, long body

For those with shorter legs, keep your waistcoats shorter too to give the illusion of longer legs. If you’ve already chosen a longline waistcoat, add a pair of heels to extend the leg length. 

Evening or occasion waistcoats 

If you’re not a girly girl and prefer trouser suits, why not go for a luxurious waistcoat and trousers suit this season. There are plenty to be found and you’ll feel comfortable and chic at your summer events. 

I hope this blog has help you to understand why waistcoats are this season’s must have and how you can choose the best one for your body shape. And who says you have to stick to one? You may end up with a few! 


Need more help?

If you’d like more help with what to wear for your body shape, why not book a style consultation and I can help you choose more perfect items to build a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle. 

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